Our History

Noront Steel was established in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada in 1945 in response to the demand for fabricated steel products by the area's mining industry.


Always a visionary, our founder, Mr. James Nemis, with a small group of his INCO (International Nickel Company) co-workers, recognized this growing demand.


The humble beginning of fabricating steel furnaces in a small garage in the city’s West End would become an enterprise that helped fuel the growth of mining and mine supply in Sudbury and area. Soon it was serving Northern Ontario’s resource sector, then expanding throughout the province, doing work across Canada and into the United States, growing with its customer base to establish itself as a premier supplier of fabricated steel products to industry, and individuals.


Mr. Nemis was recognized by his community and all who knew him as a visionary and industry leader, fearlessly exploring new and exciting avenues to grow as a business. During his tenure, Noront Steel succeeded in such businesses as air conditioning & refrigeration, sheet metal and ventilation, spring manufacturing, and wire and cable. James was also an inventor of note, producing a potato harvester, fiberglass showers and sinks (before they became the standard), and a successful venture into snow machine design, development and manufacturing, producing the now famous and inimitable Snow Bug.


His legacy lives on. May it stand as strong and for as long as so many of the structures Noront Steel has helped build.

The Joy of Achievement


It stands in front of our offices as a reminder of the vision that drove our founder, James Nemis. Named by James’ wife, Chrissy, and erected shortly after opening at the new, expanded location, The Joy of Achievement is a timeless symbol of who we are, where we have been, and where, over 75 years later, we are headed.


The move to the present location, with a 35,000 square foot shop nestled on 18 acres was a significant achievement in and of itself, but also an investment not only in the business, but in the community from which it sprung. Hard working, honest, and determined to build and grow no matter the challenges, all reflected in one beautiful and meaningful monument.