About Noront Steel

Noront Steel was established in 1945 by James Nemis and is built upon a foundation as solid as the fabricated steel we produce.


A family owned and operated business, since the beginning, we have committed ourselves to providing customers with "The Highest Level of Quality and Service, Prompt On Time Delivery and Industry Competitive Pricing".


Noront Steel enjoys a long history of walking our talk, and this is reflected in what our customers, partners, and employees have had to say over our many decades. It is about drive, honesty, fairness, doing what you say you are going to do, and understanding that there is much riding on the successful completion of our projects.


Terry Nemis carried the torch forward upon James’ untimely passing in 1978, staying true to the values of hard work and dedication instilled in him by his father.

Our commitment to safety, innovation, and efficiency is second to none. From being among the first to implement fabrication with shop bolted connections, to James’ recognition that the shop be equipped with multiple overhead cranes to optimize material handling, and having one of the first Whitney Beam Punchlines in the country (which is still in use today), Noront Steel has remained at the forefront of the steel industry. With a steady drive to grow and desire to learn and seek new opportunities, we are dedicated to continuous improvement and investment in the business.

Now under the leadership of Harry Cacciotti, a 30+ year stalwart in the structural steel industry, Noront Steel is poised for several more decades of success, innovation, and achievement.


“Serving for as long as I have in the structural steel industry, Noront Steel’s name has always had an amazing reputation. To me, Noront Steel means down to earth, genuine, honest, family, trust. We’ve seen it all. We’re straightforward in our dealings and appreciate the same in return. These are just some of the values that I can honestly say I have admired for years. Having dealt with Noront Steel as a customer, and worked with them on projects, I am delighted – and humbled – to help them move forward and build on the legacy created by James and Terry.” Harry Cacciotti - President, Noront Steel.


Bonds as Strong as Steel    


We have not built this business and our reputation alone. In fact, the balance between innovation, and ensuring the people who do the work are respected and valued has always been a prime consideration. Maintaining a balance in automation, Noront Steel understands that there is a human factor and skill to the job we do that cannot be ignored, while ensuring we remain a modern facility that leverages new technology in our fabrication and design.


Noront Steel began as a family enterprise. Some of our people have been with us since the move to the present location in 1977. We will always value the strength and resilience found in building these close relationships.